she writes because no one listens…

Towards the dead of night; once again

when the three needles of the clock met

she picked up the pen

and weaved some words..till late…

A subtle stream of thoughts, diverse yet steady

rolled out on the flawless & charmless white paper

complementing and completing it…

like the first rain that dribbles through dirt & dust

to arouse life as it embraces the crust.

As she scribbled in pensive mood

the smell of the ink rejuvenated her senses

just like the essence of the petrichor; fresh and mild

mingles with the air as it passes…







For ‘writing’ became her better half

that sought the depth of her love and kindness

gave wings to her spirit,made her cry & laugh.

She is a pilgrim and writing is her pilgrimage…

She is an ailing soul and writing is the only solace..

Both indefinite, absorbed & lost within !

For writing has induced her with fifty shades of fervour

with which she finds calmness amid chaos

which has fetched her an everlasting contentment

which has accompanied her in despair and solitude…

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For her, writing is like a mirror reflecting the truth

For her, writing is a story, a sketch and a melody so smooth

For her, writing is the silence that too can speak

For her, writing is the darkness that too can shine...

For writing subsumes both beauty and the beast

For writing is itself the path as well as the destination

Writing is pious, writing is pure and writing is tempting.

‘Writing’ for her is world at a glance..

She writes because she perceives the ‘whole’

She writes because she communicates through the soul..

She writes because people hardly listen…

She writes because no one listens…

She writes because no one listens…



For the thrust you have been

when my strength was sinking…

For the support you have been

when I was stumbling…

For you clutched my hand

that remained untouched , numb…

and took me to a land

where I was no more desolated and mum…



It wasn’t about words

but our silence that whispered…

It was never about years

but just a moment that is ever cheered…

You fetched me tranquillity amid  the tumult and turmoil

and carved out a “better me”  when I was about to spoil…




Those countless thoughts & ceaseless memories

in my heart , I shall forever treasure…

for it has helped me evade all miseries

and has led me to a world full of pleasures….

The friendship fire shall remain ablaze

not just today but for approaching days….

it will rise high and acquire praise

and radiate its bright & colourful rays….



To all my FRIENDS, new and old

this rare relation we shall always uphold…

Your presence in my life is priceless and divine

and we can count on each other as we shine…

May be miles and miles apart

and little is the concern that have shown

But deep in my heart , I care for you